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14.Jun, 2016

How To Motivate Myself To Get Fit

The hardest part of beginning a new exercise regimen is in finding the effort and motivation to commit to something new. So what are the best ways to make a change and start leading a healthier lifestyle? Find your WHY Your first step is to identify what your driving force is? Are you planning on exercising to lose weight or to recover from an injury? Or because you feel your body getting stiff and sore and you are way too young to be feeling like this? Once you have identified your reason for wanting to exercise you can now start…

14.Jun, 2016

Let’s Join A Weight Loss Contest!

There are many weight loss challenges in fit clubs and the first one is making the decision to take control of your life and vow to lose the weight and be healthier and look better than you have in years. Once you make that decision the rest will still not be easy but with the help of the Fit Club coaches you should be able to master the weight loss challenges and become the person you were meant to be. One of the very first things you will be asked to do is to set your goals. You will need…