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Congratulations for inquiring with us!

Here are some FAQs to get you started.


What do I need to bring at my first registration with Fit Club?
Where can I find all the Fit Club locations in Singapore?
What should I prepare before I come for Fit Club?
Any tips for First timers?
Do I need to undergo any fitness or health screening before starting Fit Club?
What is the difference between $8 and $38?
When can I get started?
Can I bring a friend along?
Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?
Can I use my ActiveSG credits for Fit Club?
Are the Coaches trained?
If I am unable to attend a session, will I be given a make-up session?
Are children allowed to join?
Will the session still be on due to rain?
Will Fit Club be open during public holidays?


Here is a summary location to all our fit clubs.

Center map