How Fit and Healthy am I?

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How Fit and Healthy am I?

How often do you exercise?

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

What about your late night eating habits?

Do you complement your diet with vitamins and supplements?

Which of the following is your choice of everyday transport?

What’s with your sleep habits? Do you sleep well?

Do you have problems with any of the following: high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, high triglycerides, sleep apnoea, anxiety or depression?

Do you believe you should lose weight?

How do you feel emotionally and psychologically?

Do you tend to overeat when you are going through an emotionally difficult period?

How much water do you drink?

What about coffee? How much do you drink it?

Do you do any practices to help yourself relax (get a massage, meditate, go for long walks, have a bubble bath etc)?

How Fit and Healthy am I?
You Are Super Healthy!

Wow, this is not a result we see every day!

Although the Internet is overwhelmed with the health tips, not many people actually go out and implement them. Well, you are among those rare people who actually pay attention to every aspect of their health, from diet to sleep habits, from being physically active to taking care of mental and emotional stability.

You are already super-fit and healthy but there are always some new healthy practices you can try out – at least to keep things dynamic. Come try out our 7 Day's Fit Club Challenge. It can certainly enrich your health experience!
You Are Perfectly Healthy!

Awesome score!

You have shown a great knowledge related to balanced and healthy diet, exercise, daily routine and psychological stability. Moreover, you also show a great responsibility for your body and mind, and willingness to keep them in a good shape. Sometimes you “make a mistake”, eat a piece of fast food or skip workout – but hey, we’re only human, after all.

If you wish to become even more determined to keep your health in order, maybe you can try out a program that would connect you with a positive-minded community that would motivate you to focus on all the aspects of your health. Our recommendation is the Fit Club Exercise and Nutrition program!
You are Decently Healthy.

You don’t have any major health issues at the moment.

You try to stick to some healthy practices but you don’t always manage to find time for such activities. Sometimes you are too tired and sometimes the stress is more powerful than your will to exercise or make a fruit salad instead of feasting on a piece of cake. It can all impose a problem in the future and lead to more serious health troubles.

The good news is that you can work to prevent it. Devote some time and energy to allow your health stay unharmed. Maybe you can go step by step and start with a single aspect. For instance, you can try the 30 Days Abs Challenge to gain muscles and, more importantly, to get used to a healthier lifestyle.
You Might Experience Some Health Issues Soon

Truth to be told – you already know this – some of your everyday habits are pretty destructive to your overall health.

Some of those habits have already had their impact (perhaps you would like to lose some weight) and some of them might cause some serious problems in the future – from hypertension, high cholesterol and triglycerides to mental conditions such as depression. What you can do today for your own future is to reorganize your diet, daily routine and exercising plan. First things first – breakfast is the most important meal, and it is the easiest point to start implementing changes.

If you wish to kickstart a healthy breakfast practice, you might want to start using the Healthy Breakfast Program. After that, it will be much easier to implement other healthy practices into your lifestyle!
Your Health is Endangered

You are probably already aware that some changes are more than necessary in your life.

It is not only about being unfit and overweight but about not feeling well, having troubles doing some of the basic chores, being physically inactive or too tired when you try to be active. Besides the health risks such as hypertension and diabetes, that are frequently related to obesity, there are also some psychological aspects that can suffer because of the physical troubles.

You should consider a serious program that would help you lose weight and adopt some healthy habits. If you wish to get a higher motivation (although good health should already be motivating enough), you can try the 30 Days Weight Loss Contest, that could be an extra reason for you to exercise and fix your diet. Not to mention it can be fun!
Your Health Requires Immediate Actions!

Your overall unhealthy habits have already lead you to significant medical problems. Your diet, sleeping habits and the lack of exercise have had their impact, and now you really have to try hard to eliminate the dangers of such lifestyle. To do that, you would have to start from a scratch.

The transformation begins with your determination – you need to decide to really work on your problems. Then choose a program that would address all your problems as a whole. We can recommend you the 30 Days New You Transformation program, that aims at optimizing your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle aspects in general. Nope, it won’t be easy, but at least you will have experts to be by your side and help you get the max of your health potentials!

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