How to get Herbalife Membership?

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How to get Herbalife Membership?

Becoming a Herbalife member is pretty straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to become a Herbalife member in any of the over 90 available countries.

Do take note that this step-by-step guide is based on signing up as a Herbalife member account in Singapore.

For other countries, it is more or less similar. Signing up as a member usually requires a small registration fee, but some selected countries are available for free.

You are advised to select as a ‘Herbalife Preferred Member’ if given this option for quicker signup.

Step 1

Click here directly or type where you can sign up to be a Herbalife member online.

Step 2

Select your ‘country’ on the top right corner and under Become a Member, click on ‘Apply online’.

How to become a herbalife member

Step 3

Enter your email address, confirm your password.

herbalife member sign up step 2

Step 4 (Important)

Under Sponsor’s Herbalife ID details, enter: S7063882

herbalife membership sign up step 3

Step 5 (Important)

Under Sponsor last name, enter: che

herbalife member sign up step 4

Step 6

Fill up your personal information details

Step 7

Already purchased an Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack (HMP)?

Select No

Have you previously participated in any Herbalife Distributorship?

Select No

Herbalife member sign up step 5

Step 8

Upload your ID documents (front and back)

Step 9

Purchase your Herbalife Membership pack.

You can select delivery by Herbalife (an additional $8) or self-pickup at the local Herbalife office.

Herbalife member sign up step 6

Step 10 (important)

Please submit your NRIC front and back photos again (due to technical issues) directly to to activate online ordering and $30 vouchers.

how to become herbalife member step 7

Congratulations on becoming a Herbalife Member!

You can start purchasing your products at membership prices and enjoy the $30 vouchers!

I hope you find this information useful on becoming a Herbalife member or distributor in Singapore or any other over 90 countries available.

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