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    1) How often do you exercise?
    I’d say every day4-5 times per week2-3 times per weekOnce a weekA couple of times per monthVirtually never

    2) What do you usually eat for breakfast?
    I eat diverse food, and lots of itMuesli, oatmeal, maybe some fruitFruits and veggiesSandwiches and dairy productsAnything, from eggs to bacon, from gummy bears to chocolateI don’t eat breakfast

    3) What about your late night eating habits?
    I never eat after 8 p.m.I might eat late on special occasionsI eat late but nothing too unhealthy or excessiveI eat late but I also stay up late so I need the energyI eat after midnight at least a couple of times per weekLate visits to my fridge are my everyday habit indeed

    4) Do you complement your diet with vitamins and supplements?
    Of course!Usually yesI always take at least the basic vitamins (C, B-complex etc)I try to but I don’t always remember to take themI take some but I am not even sure what they are forI don’t actually

    5) Which of the following is your choice of everyday transport?
    CyclingWalkingRiding a motorbikeCatching a bus or trainGetting a taxi/grabDriving your own car

    6) What’s with your sleep habits? Do you sleep well?
    Yep, at least 8 hours per nightMostly yes, 6-8 quality sleep per nightI sleep tight up to 6 hours per nightI sleep barely 4 hours and I have troubles with falling to sleepI stay up late and wake up after lunchI’m not even sure how much do I sleep; my sleeping habits are a bit messy

    7) Do you have problems with any of the following: high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, high triglycerides, sleep apnoea, anxiety or depression?
    NopeYes, I have one of thoseI have a couple of thoseI have three of thoseI have four of thoseI have five or more of those

    8) Do you believe you should lose weight?
    Not at allMaybe a bitYes up to 5KGYes, 5KG - 10KGI think I should lose 10KG - 20KGI definitely need to get rid of more than 20KG

    9) How do you feel emotionally and psychologically?
    Perfectly – fulfilled, self-confident, happySometimes tired but generally content with myselfCalm and steady, with occasional stress piling upFrequently nervous, anxious or depressedI feel inferior, I’m over-stressed, I suffer from insomniaI feel like I have problem only a professional could solve

    10) Do you tend to overeat when you are going through an emotionally difficult period?
    No, neverWell, not in general, but it happened once or twiceIt really depends on the situationI used to have a problem with it, but I’m over it nowYes, and the trouble is I have lots of emotionally challenging periodsYes, I think it’s already my daily routine for coping with stress

    11) How much water do you drink?
    At least 8 glasses a day6 or 7 glasses a day4 or 5 glasses a day2 or 3 glasses a dayUsually a glass a dayI don’t drink water at all – I’m all about coffee and sodas

    12) What about coffee? How much do you drink it?
    I don’t, at all!A cup a dayUp to two cups a dayMore than three cups a dayThree cups a dayI don’t know, I can’t even count my cups anymore!

    13) Do you do any practices to help yourself relax (get a massage, meditate, go for long walks, have a bubble bath etc)?
    I do, on daily basisYes, I need to have some me-time 2-3 times a weekI try to implement it at least once a weekOnce a month is the maximum me-time I can affordI almost never remember to do such stuffI never do it

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